Heat Insulation Material

  1. Avran - Insulation Heat Reflective Aluminium Foil / Heat Reflective Metallized Foil

    Avran - Radiant Barrier (Heat Reflective Aluminium Foil / Heat Reflective Metallized Foil) :Avran Radiant Barrier is an extremely effective, easy-to-install, affordable and lightweight insulation solution for buildings. Using reflective technology to prevent heat transfer, Avran Radiant Barrier is capable of reflecting back 97% of heat.Radiant barriers are suitable for insulating the loft, attic, roof, walls and crawl spaces. Radiant barrier improves the effectiveness of your existing insulation solution as it doesn’t allow heat to enter the house.
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  2. Carmika - Convection, Conduction & Heat Reflector Insulation Material

    High performance & Low Cost Insulation Solution:Carmika high performance insulation material crafted using Polypropylene and Aluminum foil. PP air pockets works as thermal barrier and aluminum foil layers work as radiant heat reflector make Carmika very efficient insulation material. Unique properties of Carmika provide High Strength tear resistance water proof and Fire Retarded and has very long life.
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