PET Strap

PET Strap
Product Description

  Why PET Strap is a Perfect Alternative of theSteel Strapping?

Polyester (PET)strapping is a good replacement of Steel strapping. Following are the reasons for same:

Economy - 50% Cost saving as compared to the Steel Strapping. The weight of 6 meters of PET Strap is Equal to 1 meter of Steel Strap  (Same size).It offers easy handling.  

Corrosion Free - PETStrap is rust-free as well as chemically inert.

Safety - In PET Strap,there is no sharp edges like steel. It will not damage goods. The PET Strap creates a safe work environment. 

Impact Resistance - PET Strap has greater impact resistance than steel strap. Also, it has higher shock absorbing capability than the Steel strap.

 Elongation Recovery - PET Strap has slight elasticity “ it returns to the original position under tension. Its elongation recovery is  good.

Also, the PET Strap keeps strap tension. 

Why PET Strap is a Great Choice?

It is practical in many packaging applications.

 PET Strap has excellent tensile strength.

 It also maintains tensile strength for a longtime stretch.  

Superior shock resistance, greater load stability & good retained tension. 

 Less elongation - Packs can be moved safely during storage or transport.

 Great weather resistance - PET Strap is unaffected by weather or harsh environment. It has higher resistant to ultra-violet rays, and it holds  tension in humid conditions too. PET Strap is heat resistant.



Model Number - 10 mm to 25 mm Width

Material - PET

Color - Black & Green

Place Of Origin - India

Surface - Plain (Smooth) and Embossed (Knurling)

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