Carmika - Convection, Conduction & Heat Reflector Insulation Material

Carmika - Convection, Conduction & Heat Reflector Insulation Material
Product Description

Easy to Install using Nails, Screws or Adhesive

Cuts in required shape

UV resistance

Water proof

Fire retarded

Moisture & Mold resistance

Rodent resistance

High tear resistance

Minimum Safety gear require for Installation

High thermal R Value


Meets fire and smoke safety requirements of Europe andAmerican building codes

Require no maintenance  

Carmika Applications:

Home Insulation

Roof Insulation: 

Camrika SFL withSingle foil layer is ideal roof insulation specially for warmer climate, Carmikasheet can be nailed or screwed with wooden frame, Keeping foil side toward sky.It reflects 97% outside heat radiation keeping home cooler. Carmika is actas excellent thermal
barrier as well in cold days it keep home warmer. Multiple layers of Carmikasheet also placed
for much higher results.

Loft Floor Insulation: 

On loft floor Carmikasheet can be installed with Nails or Screws on joists, place foil sidefacing bottom. In winter days Carmika will reflect heat back to housekeepingto warmer and in summer days. For much higher Insulation multiple layer ofsheet can be placed together.

Walls & Basementinsulation: 

Carmika WFL is idealfor Walls and basement insulation, Carmika sheet is only 4mm thick and canbe easily placed between walls and Floor, Camika WLF has very low thermalconductivity works as excellent insulation.  


Vehicle Insulation:

Cut your Carmika sheet in desired shape and itcan be installed using adhesive or
can be screwed. UV resistance and lower thickness make Carmika idea insulatorfor Vehicles.

Cold Supply Chain:

Carmika act as excellent thermal barrier forCold Supply Chain vehicles. Temperature sensitive goods wrapped or boxed inCarmika

Technical Specification

Carmika DLF description

One layer of Polypropylene bubble sheet laminated
with aluminum foil on both side

Carmika SLF description

One layer of Polypropylene sheet laminated on one side with aluminum foil and polypropylene non-woven fabric on the other

Carmika WLF description

One layer of Polypropylene sheet laminated with
non-woven polypropylene fabric on both side

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